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Video is embedded in all of our solutions (VF, Career Coaching and Career Portal) as standard, having invested in video solutions from our inception in 2006. However, there are additional ways in which you can leverage video through SeeMeCV.

The SeeMeCV platform allows for videos to be hosted on our own server allowing job seekers, employers and recruiters to create bespoke videos to support multiple points within the recruitment life cycle in a private and secure environment.

In addition to using video across our other solutions, we have found that our clients typically leverage video in three alternative ways, of which can be white-labelled:

  1. Receive video CVs without having to change your application system
  2. Elevate candidate CVs with a video profile. Typically used by recruiters
  3. Video interviewing

If you have a different need that involves video please do contact us. Our agile and customisable solutions may be able to address your needs.

Video CVs and Profiles

We are constantly looking at how CVs will evolve and how candidates can make themselves stand-out. Video has continued to be a popular means to drive this evolution. However, many Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) do not support the application of video CV submissions. By using our technology whether you are a candidate or recruiter, you are able to create a video using your own device and upload it into your CV via our platform. Providing you with a private unique video link for you to share within your CV submission or covering letter.

Online Video Interview

As employers look to streamline the recruitment process whilst navigating challenges such as in-person meetings due to Covid-19 or geographical locations. Many utilise this solution to create a series of video interviews candidates can respond to online at their own time. Allowing you as the recruiter or hiring manager to watch review as soon as the candidate submits it back to you (what a great experience!), taking a more holistic look at the traditional CV.

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If you would like to know more about SeeMeCV's solutions and how we may be able to support your recruitment activities now or in the future. Please do contact us now!