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Support the development journey of jobseekers or employers through our career coaching platform.

If you have an existing coaching or mentoring programme or are looking at how to deploy one, our scalable coaching and mentoring module supports organisations in their roll-out of such initiatives. What our clients value the most from this solution, is the ability to fully track, rate and review the use of the initiative and content.. Allowing you to track the effectiveness and ROI of such activity.

The SeeMeCV Career Coaching & Mentoring module allows you to deepen your relationship with jobseekers or employees. Creating a safe and secure space for you to present connection opportunities for individuals with relevant coaches or mentors from around the world. This solution can be plugged into our VF or Career Portal offering, or used independently.


Mentorship Programme Management

The SeeMeCV Career coaching module allows you to deploy your programme and content, facilitating and tracking:

Grow with a Career Coach:

The career coaching section provides:

  • Listings of available online career coaches
  • Ability for individuals to directly reach out and connect
  • Schedule coaching sessions and follow-ups
  • Embed video or live stream
  • House key resources and scoring mechanisms

As with all coaching and mentoring relationships, our SaaS based solution can be tailored to meet your organisational needs to ensure it continues to grow and evolve with you. Plug in your programme and activate it online with SeeMeCV.

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