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SeeMeEvents is a SeeMeCV solution which enables rapid deployment of an online event with fully customisable branding and intuitive self-service set-up access for exhibitors.

This solution has many innovative features such as 3D booth designs, an information desk, exhibition hall, auditorium and networking rooms all embedded with live chat rooms (text, audio and video), live job listings, information packs and polls.

Proactively set-up and manage your own online fairs, with our intuitive self-service set-up access. Or take advantage of our revenue generating feature, by managing the booth sales and sponsorship directly.

Virtual Fair Benefits

Possible Use Cases

Exhibition Hall

Key Features:

As our platform is highly customisable with intuitive self-set-up, we can confidently design, build and deploy an event in 2 weeks. However, for optimal impact we typically recommend a 4 – 6-week marketing lead time to ensure your event is as successful as possible.

  • Analytics and reporting
  • Live video streaming capabilities
  • Live online Q&A sessions, chat rooms or panel sessions
  • Dashboard and CMS for VF applications
  • Live interview scheduling
  • Polls & surveys
  • System announcements & messaging
  • Banners, sponsorship & advertising management
  • Revenue generating opportunities
  • and much more…
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