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Our virtual recruitment solutions can be deployed as a full-service suite providing a seamless candidate journey, or by module. All solutions are customisable and sit within our AWS cloud, so no need for installation.

We comply with the latest PDPA regulations, protected against the top 10 OWASP vulnerabilities and other compliances.

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Running a Virtual Fair (VF) is now faster, more efficient and cheaper than ever before. With many organisations having to evolve their physical events, many are turning to VFs to support their overall online attraction, engagement and recruitment efforts.

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The SeeMeCV Career Portal provides a platform for educational institutes, employers and recruiters to house their live job listings. The solution has a fully built-in tracking system.

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Support the development journey of jobseekers or employers through our virtual career coaching and mentorship platform.

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We are able to host videos on our own server, allowing jobseekers, employers and recruiters to create bespoke videos to support multiple points within the recruitment life cycle. In a private and secure environment.

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A common depository which allows you to setup your profile and/or virtual booth to be stored and synchronised throughout all SeeMeCV products, events you are/will be using.

I found the VCF an outstanding example of how technology can help to overcome "real world" pitfalls; the Covid-19 has certainly affected the everyday life not only in Singapore but in several countries. Congratulations for effectively engaging with current technologies in order to connect potential employers with the students.
A current student from the organising school
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