Third Virtual Career Fair for Manulife, Philippines

8th April, 2021

Manulife is set to run their third Virtual Career Fair with SeeMeCV for a variety of hiring needs in April 2021. The five-day Virtual Fair has been designed to support specific hiring needs on certain days. For example, Monday is aligned to Technology hiring, Thursday Contact Centre with Friday being open for all role types.

Manulife has continued with a full suite of functionality, allowing candidates to connect with Manulife representatives via their respective booths, download relevant content, apply for jobs as well as chat to the booth reps (Recruiters and Hiring Managers) on a one-to-one basis providing candidates the opportunity to learn more about the role and the people they could be working with. The auditorium provides access to on-demand videos and the networking lounge allows for further online real-time chats via text, video or audio.

Resulting in a fully branded environment Manulife can invite engaged jobseekers into, allowing Manulife users the ability to interact with candidates at ease. Accessible on any device, it allows for a great candidate experience while the recruitment team can streamline the recruitment process. The Virtual Fair set-up enables Manulife to not just connect and engage with candidates, but it is also leveraged to interview, shortlist and even offer roles there and then. Immediately creating recruitment efficiencies whilst providing a great candidate experience.

"We are excited to see Manulife’s third Virtual Fair go live. We genuinely enjoy our partnership and continued work with Manulife who now successfully manage and run these events with ease, it’s great to see Virtual Fairs becoming a core pillar of their attraction and engagement strategy" Alex Martin, VP Sales, SeeMeCV

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