One of Singapore's leading University runs SeeMeCV Virtual Career Fair (VCF) once again

SINGAPORE, Jan 20, 2014 - One of Singapore's leading University's has once again selected the SeeMeCV Virtual Career Fair (VCF) platform to run its online careers event. The event took place in January and saw thousands of students log into the system to access and apply for thousands of jobs with leading local and regional employers. The system enables students to browse company backgrounds and job postings, watch corporate videos, connect with employers live (using chat or video) and apply for their preferred jobs within the system.


A SeeMeCV spokesman said "We are delighted to offer our solution to the university, its students and chosen employers, to enable them to connect directly using the latest online inovations. We have seen from the comments posted by the attendees that the experience for all concerned has been fantastic, and judging by the number of applications processed during the first weeks alone, the system is helping employers hire the best talent in Singapore. The speed, cost and flexbility of running these events makes them a must for any Educator, or leading employer. We expect to see this as a major growth area for our business moving forward."


SeeMeCV - Virtual Career Fair (VCF) is an online recruitment platform, enabling candidates and employers to connect via the web. The system provides the full range of features from event set up, booth registration/selection/payment/config, student invite/registration, integrated video (live/pre-recorded), job postings, applications, tracking and analytics. The system can be take on a "per event" basis and deployed quickly to address immediate needs. Please contact for further information.