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SINGAPORE, Oct 5, 2008 – The search for the best talent required by Singapore’s leading companies has become more difficult and employers are now looking to use technology to assist in the screening and assessment of potential employees, whether they are local or being sourced from overseas.

SeeMeCV held an education event in Singapore on the 5th October to review one of the latest innovations in the recruitment industry – the move to video based recruitment solutions.

Over 30 local and global companies attended to listen to how they can save time, effort and money in the process of hiring new staff.

During the event, SeeMeCV Pte Ltd’s CEO David Padgett highlighted the increasingly difficult role for HR departments and hiring managers in knowing who the best candidates are, especially when they are coming from overseas.

He reviewed the evolution of recruitment from the early century through to the modern day and demonstrated how the new approach using video CVs can dramatically shorten the recruitment cycle, reduce the internal effort required and minimise cost whilst actually improving the accuracy of candidate screening.

Padgett said “This event was a great opportunity for SeeMeCV Pte Ltd to speak directly with employers in Singapore about their particular challenges in recruitment. The feedback is consistent; identifying the best talent is difficult using current processes. Traditional CV’s cannot provide the insight into a candidate required to make a decision. It’s time for a change, a change for the good of candidates and employers – it’s time for videoCVs to become the preferred platform for recruitment.”

The session provided a perfect opportunity for the employers to experience the benefits of seeing candidates’ video introductions as part of a job screening process.

Padgett continued “Employers need to seek efficiency throughout their business in today’s tough economic climate, and the recruitment process is no different. A videoCV can significantly improve the speed and efficiency of today’s recruitment process – it should be a consideration for any employer with a large workforce, high turnover or increased levels of overseas recruitment.

SeeMeCV Pte Ltd provide a free service to job seekers to create and distribute a videoCV of themselves to any employer anywhere in the world. And employers can accept SeeMeCV video profiles for free either via email or through their website.

SeeMeCV’s provide other B2B solutions for employers and recruiters to “video enable” their online recruitment processes, so they can also start to receive videoCVs directly in from their candidates.

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