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Hire Sooner. Hire Smarter. Recruit a Nanyang MBA.

SINGAPORE, Apr 23, 2010 – “Recruiting great talent can be expensive, time consuming and downright challenging in an today’s increasingly competitive labour market.

The Nanyang MBA

Plus, the impact of a vacant position, whether due to staff expansion or unexpected departure, can have significant impact on your organization’s ability to achieve its goals. Having an employee recruitment strategy in place before an urgent need arises not only eliminates ‘panic buys’, it can give your organization a competitive edge through early access to the best available candidates. Thus hiring sooner is synonymous to hiring smarter. MBA Recruitment can bolster your management team and streamline your business units.” – extracted from The Nanyang MBA

This revolutionary approach can save time and money for both the job seeker and the employer as discussions are only progressed when there is a good fit between the candidate’s skills and those required by the job.

SeeMeCV director, David Padgett, said, “The addition of a personalised video is the next evolutionary step of the CV and SeeMeCV are leading the way by providing a flexible and convenient solution for any job seeker, anywhere in the world”

Online Talent Dossier (OTD)

In summary of what you can expect from this system:

  • Review online CVs of their graduating students for perm hire candidates & contact them directly (immediately)
  • Post live job requests to grads and students & contact them directly (immediately)
  • Students for internship candidates soon to view our alumni worldwide for candidacy

About SeeMeCV

SeeMeCV is the premier virtual event solutions provider for businesses of all sizes. With SeeMeCV,, everyone, regardless of experience-level, can plan and implement fully immersive virtual events that meets their organisational needs.

Established in 2006 in Singapore, we are trusted by some of the most recognised government agencies, educational institutes and organisations in the region. We have hosted over 1000’s of virtual events and facilitated over half a million chats and interactions. Learn more at SeeMeCV.com and follow us on LinkedIn and Facebook.

For further information, please contact:

Desmond Wan at desmon.wan@seemecv.com

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