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Following the success of the inaugural SGUnited Financial Sector Jobs & Skills Fair in August 2020, the Institute of Banking and Finance (IBF) will be holding a 2nd run of the virtual career fair from 7-11 Dec 2020 as part of the Singapore FinTech Festival.

Building on the success of IBF’s previous fair, the live virtual fair environment will provide access to twelve hiring exhibitors (booths) and six skill zone exhibitors. Job seekers will be able to explore job opportunities and connect directly with employers through live chats at the employers’ virtual booths.

IBF Dec 2021

“SeeMeCV is proud to be a partner for this meaningful event. We cannot wait to see the second IBF Virtual Fair in action and the live exhibitor booths. It is always a joy working with organisations who are running subsequent fairs and are experienced users of the system. Which often leads to new customisable features, processes and designs.” SeeMeCV.

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