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LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, Nov 17, 2008 – Multilingualvacancies.com, the specialist language job board is offering a new dimension to the traditional method of online recruitment by developing video CVs; a system for candidates to demonstrate first hand their multi-lingual abilities to camera.

This addition to the job board allows companies to watch job seekers anywhere and listen to their language skills at any time prior to arranging a face to face interview. In turn it saves money, time and effort, and improves the overall success rate for both parties.

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“The site, which advertises vacancies both in the UK and overseas means Multilingualvacancies.com’s clients recruit from across the world” says Associate Director Miranda Reid. “The ability to screen candidates in any time zone and without the expense of travel cost will mean companies can be more confident about the people they eventually choose to interview. The internet has changed the way CVs are accessed and interpreted, but has now finally evolved to the next stage. As video messaging becomes part of our everyday culture through social internet sites such as MySpace or Facebook, it seems only right that the online recruitment world such follow”.

The application is simple to use with clients only having to enter simple criteria information to locate potential candidates and their online videos. Softer skills and communication skills can be assessed online giving the client a deeper insight into a job seeker’s capabilities.

“Multilingualvacancies.com has chosen to differentiate itself and its candidates by innovating their online recruitment service” says David Padgett, Director of seemecv who developed the technology. “The addition of a candidate video benefits the matching process for job seekers and corporate clients. What better way to assess a candidate’s language skill than to see and listen to them speak it?”

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