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Evolving the platform into a full week of student-to-student engagement for their student club community, hosting over 200 individual clubs via virtual booths.

Vinod Segar, NTUSU VP
Vinod Segar
NTUSU 2020
Vice President

Vicki Sim, NTUSU Student Engagement Executive
Vicki Sim
NTUSU 2020
Student Engagement Executive

The NTUSU Welcome Week virtual fair took place on Tuesday 11 August, through to Friday 14 August, 2020, offering freshman and existing students the chance to connect with NTU Student Clubs, all the way from the Japanese Appreciation club, to the NTU Wakeboard club.

The Virtual Fair saw over 6,000 students visit the four-day fair, with 225 virtual booths representing the NTU Student Clubs. This interactive virtual environment provided the opportunity for live chat between students and club representatives, resulting in over 6,500 live chats most of which used live video.

This is the first time the SeeMeCV Virtual Fair solution has been used in this way. The virtual fair also saw gamification introduced by the NTUSU team, driving traffic to peak again on the last day.

Quote by Vinod Segar, NTUSU VP “The inability to meet in large groups has been the first time the NTUSU has faced this type of challenge due to the pandemic. Not only did the platform help us overcome this challenge, but it also showed us an opportunity to transform the way we do our events in the future. The platform allowed for all clubs to get exposure online, and we achieved higher engagement than we have ever had before for this event. The platform also showed us the importance of having a platform for information to be present for the users, even if we were to do a physical fair.”

“Events such as these only cement the need for more virtual engagement opportunities, especially within the undergraduate space. It has been great to see such proactive use of our tool by the student communities themselves. We hope that by witnessing this driving force of fellow students creating a virtual space to connect and engage will only encourage graduate employers to use and leverage virtual fair platforms such as ours to attract and engage with future talent.” SeeMeCV.

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