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Nanyang Technological University. (NTU) is enhancing its career services for graduating students with two new initiatives that leverage the power cf video and social media technology.

Job applications are no longer restricted to the presentation of traditional paper resumes. Today, graduating students are able to submit their resumes online at NTU’s new Talent Site for prospective employers to review and select their choice talents. Supported by the latest video resume technology, students can post short introductory video-clips of themselves directly to employers and create a memorable first impression in minutes. Talent Site also enables employers to engage and interact with NTU’s graduating students online.

NTU Talent Site

A total of 111 employers are taking part in this year’s Career Fair – the largest number to date. Among these participating organisations, almost one-third involves public agencies, while the rest are private companies. This is the biggest showing by government agencies since the Career Fair began in 2000. About 15,000 students are expected to visit the Fair over these two days. This group includes this year’s graduating cohort of 5,000.

Explaining more about the new initiatives, Mr Loh Pui ‘Wah, Director., Career & Attachment Office, NTU, says, “The new NTU Talent Site rides on the latest social media technology to facilitate interactions between employers and NTU students. Students can post and update their CVs online for employers to review and select their preferred talents. Employers are welcome to create their own organisation’s profiles in order to attract the desired talent.

Students can also become ‘fans’ of an organisation on the Talent Site ‘With Talent Site and Talent Quest, employers can be confident cf reaching out to students who have a genuine interest in starting a career with them. I believe this will create a win-win situation all round. As more employers come on board, cur students will benefit from more employment opportunities, and become more likely to secure jobs well before they graduate. At the same time, potential employers can enhance their corporate branding on campus and recruit talents more effectively and efficiently.

The new initiatives come at an opportune time. Employment prospects are set to become vibrant again this year, as a recent industry poll suggests that the first three months of 2010 could see the biggest jump in job recruitment in more than a decade.

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