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Range of jobs available for all occupational levels across various industries all under one roof.

Singapore, February 2017—A career fair, held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Changi Airport from to 9 February, has gathered more than 40 employers seeking to fill more than 2,300 positions. This recruitment drive will support the growing aviation sector and developments. transform the air transport sector, including the upcoming opening of Changi Airport’s Terminal 4.

The tripartite career fair is co-organised by Workforce Singapore (WSG), the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS), the Labour movement’s Aerospace &Aviation Cluster and National Trade Union Congress’ (NTUC) e2i (Employment and Employability Institute). It features a wide variety of jobs including Airline Operations, Airport Operation Ground Handling, Aviation Security, Engineering, Food & Beverage, Retail a. Customer Service. The career fair also caters to Singapore’s diverse workforce, with several employers offering flexible working arrangements to attract mid-career switchers, mature workers, hack-to-work individuals, persons with disabilities and the unemployed. Both PMETs and rank and file jobseekers can tap an a suite of Adapt and Grow programmes curated for them. PMETs can apply for the Professional Conversion Programme br Retail Managers, Restaurant Managers, Ground Operations Officers and Aircraft Maintenance Technicians or benefit from the Career Support Programme. Rank and file workers can tap on the Residing br Jobs —Work Trial programme to ease their transition into new jobs and new careers within the hiring sectors.

WSG VCF - Changi Airport Mar 2017

Concurrently, a virtual career fair will run from to 22 February 2017, allowing individuals to apply for jobs and speak to hiring employers virtually, at the jobseekers’ convenience. This second run of a virtual career fair to complement a physical career fair Natures a mare user-friendly interface, incorporating feedback from the pilot virtual career fair held in September 2016.

Mr Tan Choon Shan, Chief Executive of WSG, said, “WSG will be working to continually enhance our career matchmaking services to help match job seekers with hiring employers. New enhancements to our virtual resources also allow br a better online user experience for job seekers. We will continue to gather user feedback and refresh virtual resources in the virtual career fairs prototypes in the coming month.”

Mr Kevin Shum, Director-General of CAAS, said “Singapore’s aviation sector continues to enjoy strong growth, offering many exciting career opportunities br both new workforce entrants as well as mid careerists.As an industry enabler, CAPS is pleased. work in close partnership with other government agencies, businesses a. unions to transform a. grow the industry. Through this tripartite collaboration, we aim to provide more opportunities for Singaporeans. benefit from the growth of the sector, drive greater innovation, raise productivity, and upgrade skills for our workers.”

Ms Cham Hui Fang, Assistant Secretary-General of NTUC and Supervising Lead of the NTUC Aerospace &Aviation Cluster, said, “With the new terminals opening at Chang, Airport, the air transport sector presents many opportunities for job seekers, whether they are looking to return to the workforce or for a career switch. The unions have been working closely with the relevant Government agencies and management partners to ensure our workers are skilled and ready to take on these jobs.”

Mr Gilbert Tan, Chief Executive Officer of NTUC’s e2i, said, “Over the years, e2i has been working with industry partners and Government agencies. upgrade and place individuals keen on a career in Aerospace and Aviation. With the launch of Terminal 4 set to redefine passenger experience, e2i is committed to upskill our workforce. take on higher value jobs in this exciting collaboration as the new terminal gears up to handle 16 million passenger movements a year.”

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