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SeeMeCV announce partnership with leading webcam manufacturer Logitech

SINGAPORE, Nov 13, 2008 – Following the recent launch of it’s new videoCV platform, SeeMeCV Pte Ltd has announced it’s partnership with Logitech as their chosen webcam provider.


The SeeMeCV service provides a FREE solution for job seekers who want to differentiate themselves from other candidates. By creating a personalised video (which is sent as a secure link) a candidate can now show who they really are and effectively communicate their unique skills to a chosen employer. The video simultaneously provides a hiring manager with an unparalleled insight into their capabilities.

This revolutionary approach can save time and money for both the job seeker and the employer as discussions are only progressed when there is a good fit between the candidate’s skills and those required by the job.

SeeMeCV director, David Padgett, said, “The addition of a personalised video is the next evolutionary step of the CV and SeeMeCV are leading the way by providing a flexible and convenient solution for any job seeker, anywhere in the world”

One important factor which can affect the quality of a videoCV is the type of webcam used. So SeeMeCV have partnered with Logitech, the world’s leading manufacturer of webcams and computer peripherals.

Padgett continues “Spending time writing a strong script for your video and then delivering it well is critical in getting the right results. The quality of your webcam is also a very important factor. SeeMeCV have partnered with Logitech as they have the most complete range and all their cameras consistently deliver excellent results – great picture quality and excellent sound.”

“Logitech is delighted to partner with SeeMeCV in Singapore as the webcam technology partner of choice. VideoCVs will surely have traction in the competitive job market for both employers and employees,” says Moninder Jain, Asia Pacific Director of Business Markets and Director of South Asia for Logitech.

For many years, Logitech webcams have consistently brought the incredible power of visual communication to people around the world, shrinking the physical distance of people in faraway locations. “We are excited to tie-up with this innovative concept whereby job seekers can communicate over video through the use of our webcams thereby facilitating a new dimension in online recruitment.” added Moninder Jain.

Padgett concludes “We look forward to developing a strong relationship with Logitech and to helping job seekers from around the world secure their dream jobs via a videoCV and our next system release due soon with embedded ‘video interviewing’ is sure to cement this relationship further”

About SeeMeCV

SeeMeCV is the premier virtual event solutions provider for businesses of all sizes. With SeeMeCV,, everyone, regardless of experience-level, can plan and implement fully immersive virtual events that meets their organisational needs.

Established in 2006 in Singapore, we are trusted by some of the most recognised government agencies, educational institutes and organisations in the region. We have hosted over 1000’s of virtual events and facilitated over half a million chats and interactions. Learn more at SeeMeCV.com and follow us on LinkedIn and Facebook.

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