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SeeMeCV allows job-seekers to “speak” to employers

SINGAPORE, Nov 13, 2008 – Job seekers across Asia can now improve their chances of securing interviews for their dream jobs, while employers save time and cost in pursuing the right candidates, thanks to the recent launch of a revolutionary portal.

The first in Asia, the unique portal – www.seemecv.com – launched by SeeMeCV Private Limited, is free for job seekers. It offers an online service to create a curriculum vitae (CV), along with a personal video recording.

The company’s director, David Padgett, said the video introduces the individual and tells potential employers why they are the perfect candidate for the job. This video profile can be sent directly to, or searched by potential employers, anytime.

“SeeMeCV leverages on the speed, convenience and effectiveness of technology that is now widely available. The explosive growth of video on the Internet demonstrates the ability of users to develop, share, and consume video based content. Just look at the success of YouTube,” he said.

Padgett said this shift in user behaviour fits perfectly with the growth of video CVs for the benefit of candidates, employers and recruiters. Along with video, the site combines the best elements of social and career networking, e-learning and online recruitment services to ensure maximum value for users.

He said traditional CVs are losing their effectiveness in finding the right employer-employee fit as elements such as personal ambition and emotional-quotient becomes even more important in gauging success in the work place.

“Employers want is to recruit ‘stars of the future’ that have the energy, drive and ambition to succeed, while job seekers preferred to apply for jobs that are best suited to their skills, ambitions or personalities,” he said.

Padgett expressed confidence that SeeMeCV will “revolutionise” the recruitment process as it helps job seekers and employers to save time, money and effort.

“Young workers and fresh graduates can make up for their lack of experience by displaying their personality, drive and enthusiasm in their video profile. Mature workers can also use a video CV to facilitate a shift in their career to a new industry or to work overseas,” he said when explaining SeeMeCV’s multiple uses.

He said the core SeeMeCV service is totally free for job seekers and offers possibly the lowest cost and fastest recruitment model for employers. It can also cut the typical recruitment cycle in half and significantly improve the success rate of converted interviews.

“User-friendly tools in the job seekers portal also allow for the creation of up to five specific versions of the CV and personal video for different employers. This enables candidates to provide a highly targeted videoCV which is possibly the most effective approach to job hunting with your chosen employers,” said Padgett

About SeeMeCV

SeeMeCV is the premier virtual event solutions provider for businesses of all sizes. With SeeMeCV,, everyone, regardless of experience-level, can plan and implement fully immersive virtual events that meets their organisational needs.

Established in 2006 in Singapore, we are trusted by some of the most recognised government agencies, educational institutes and organisations in the region. We have hosted over 1000’s of virtual events and facilitated over half a million chats and interactions. Learn more at SeeMeCV.com and follow us on LinkedIn and Facebook.

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